I find inexplicable joy in creating novel and unique ideas with impeccable execution and a strong eye for aesthetics. 

For me, design has always been a longing for an ideal that will never be satisfied. I am always working, refining, and building an ultimate methodology that will apply to any creation and bring me closer to this perceived ideal. As I continue to evolve and grow, this ideal keeps changing and I will continue to chase it. 

With my time on this planet, I would like to surprise people constantly and show them something that opens their eyes in a new way.




Anything related to Tchaikovsky, French bulldogs, or Depeche Mode is within my heavy interest!





FastCo World Changing Awards 2018: Finalist for "Rimpski" 

International Design Awards 2017: Bronze for "Q"

FastCo World Changing Awards 2017: Finalist for "Vald" 

FastCo World Changing Awards 2017: Finalist for "Q"

Core77 Design Awards 2016: Runner-up for "Vald"

IDSA IDEA 2016: Finalist for "Vald"

VentureWell E-Team 2015: Grantee for "Q"

Spark Awards 2015: Winner for "Vald"

Spark Awards 2015: Bronze for "Q"

Spark Awards 2015: Finalist for "Daily Collection"




Industrial Design Intern  |  Huami/Xiaomi  |  Mountain View, CA  |  2018

Industrial Design Intern  |  Boombang  |  Los Angeles, CA  |  Fall 2017

Industrial Design Intern  |  HP Inc.  |  Houston, TX  |  2016

Industrial Design Intern  |  Arzum  |  Istanbul  |  Summer 2013, 2014, 2015




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Email: emindemirc@gmail.com